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Subtitled in the 24 official languages of the EU, Mediterranea, Mustang and Urok (The Lesson) - the three films of the 2015 LUX Prize Official Competition - travel together, from October 2015 to January 2016, visiting more than 40 cities of the 28 European Member States.


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Every year, Cannes serves as one of the biggest springboards for films to be included in the Official Selection and then selected for the three finalists for the LUX Prize. And very often, it is with great joy that we find that the talent behind these films goes back to the most important film festival in the world. The 2016 edition of the gathering at the French Riviera will see some LUX-approved talents returning...
After kicking off its 2016 edition with the approval of the new Selection Panel (news), the LUX Prize committee is moving from its Brussels headquarters to the French Riviera. Once again, the Cannes Film Festival (11-22 May 2016) will host several activities organised at the initiative of the European Parliament, with support from Members of the European Parliament, filmmakers and the festival organisers. This year...
Selection Panel 2014
Another year, another LUX Prize! After the success of 2015, the 2016 LUX Prize kicks off with the approval of its Selection Panel. On 13 April, the Coordinators of the European Parliament’s Committee on Culture and Education endorsed the list of panelists for the new edition. They will have the task of proposing, watching and selecting the films for the award’s forthcoming Official Selection and...
Finland, Malta and Romania: a new LUX Film Days instalment
All of the European Union member countries are being LUX-ed. The 2015 LUX Prize winner, Deniz Gamze Ergüven’s Mustang, and the two other finalists, Jonas Carpignano’s Mediterranea and Kristina Grozeva and Petar Valchanov’s The Lesson, have been travelling around the whole continent ever since the LUX Film Days kicked-off back in October, delighting audiences of all kinds and natures. LUX Ambassador and 28 Times...