Voting 2016

During the LUX Film Days the LUX Film Prize invites every person who has watched the films in the Competition for the LUX Film Prize to take part in the voting for the Audience Mention - open until 31 January 2017.

The Audience Mention is the people‘s choice. It is your opportunity to elect your favourite LUX Prize film or theme. The winning film, according to the audience, will then be announced and awarded the LUX Film Prize Audience Mention at the Karlovy Vary International Film Festival, and you could also be selected to personally unveil the Audience Mention winner in July 2017.

Did you like the films? Were you touched by the topics raised by one film in particular?

Would you like to have the opportunity to come to Karlovy Vary Film Festival to announce the result of the Audience Mention? Try your luck and VOTE!


by Leyla Bouzid - France, Tunisia, Belgium, United Arab Emirates
As Ben Ali’s government nears its end, headstrong 18-year-old Farah joins ‘Joujma’, a politically engaged rock band, against the will of her parents, who see her future as a doctor. While discovering the pleasures of night-time Tunis, she also encounters the dangers of a regime that watches and infiltrates her daily life.
by Claude Barras - Switzerland, France
Centred on a valiant young boy nicknamed Courgette, who is taken to live in an orphanage following the death of his alcoholic mother, the fi lm recounts his experience in his new environment, where he is surrounded by children who, just like him, have been scarred by life.
by Maren Ade - Germany, Austria, Romania
Without warning, a father comes from Germany to visit his daughter in Romania, where she is working as a management consultant on an assignment in Bucharest. Troubled by the seeming lack of joy in her life, he takes on the character of Toni Erdmann, a self-styled ‘consultant and coach’, who starts to make unwelcome appearances in his daughter’s life.
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