Äta Sova Dö (Eat Sleep Die)

Gabriela Pichler
100 min
Äta Sova Dö

It is not easy for a girl like Raša – a Swedish citizen of Balkan origin and Islamic religion – to find a new job. She is fired from the factory where she used to pack lettuce into plastic bowls. She has not a high school degree, and she has to maintain her beloved father. She attends classes of psychological support for the unemployed and tries her best to find a new job. Under this harsh circumstances, she suddenly realises that the Country in which she decided to live does not grant everyone equal opportunities.

Screenplay: Gabriela Pichler
Cast: Nermina Lukač, Milan Dragišić, Jonathan Lampinen, Peter Fält, Ružica Pichler
Cinematography by: Johan Lundborg
Film editing: Gabriela Pichler, Johan Lundborg
Producer: China Ahlander
Production: Anagram produktion, Film i Skåne, Sveriges Television AB- SVT, Film i Väst, Solid Entertainment AB, Piraya Film HB
Sales agent: The Yellow Affair
Distributor: Tri-Art Film AB, ASC Distribution