Hermosa Juventud (Beautiful Youth)

Jaime Rosales
103 min
Hermosa Juventud (Beautiful Youth)

Natalia and Carlos, both aged 20, are in love and struggling to survive in today’s Spain. Their limited resources prevent them from getting ahead as they’d like to. They have no great ambitions because they have no great hopes, to earn some money, they decide to shoot an amateur porno film. The birth of their daughter Julia is the main catalyst for the changes they make.

Screenplay: Jaime Rosales, Enris Rufas
Cast: Ingrid García-Jonsson (Natalia), Carlos Rodríguez (Carlos), Inma Nieto (Dolores), Fernando Barona (Raúl), Juanma Calderón (Pedro), Patricia Mendy (Rosa), Miguel Guardiola (German)
Cinematography by: Pau Esteve Birba
Film editing: Lucía Casal
Producers: Jaime Rosales
Production: Fresdeval Films S.L., Wanda Vision S.A.