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Photo from The Other Side of Everything

by Sofie Maas

At the beginning of the documentary The Other Side of Everything (one of the three finalists of this year’s Lux Film Prize), we see the political activist and retired engineering professor Srbijanka Turajlic polishing the doorknob of a door, that has been...

Photo from Styx movie

by Ben de Samet

Styx is the second feature by the Austrian director Wolfgang Fischer (and one of the three finalists of this year’s Lux Prize). It depicts the solo sailing trip of the somewhat troubled doctor Rieke, which turns out to be much more of an adventure than she expected it would be.

Photo from Woman at War

by Jonathan Atkinson

Benedikt Erlingsson’s latest film Woman at War arrived in Venice with a significant amount of momentum behind it after premiering at this year’s Cannes festival to near universal adoration, and it will doubtlessly continue along the festival path with yet...

Interview with Mila Turajlić

By Iassen Atanassov

Mila Turajlić is a young and creative Serbian filmmaker bestly known for her documentary movies Cinema Komunistoand The Other Side of Everything. The second one was chosen among many other European films to be part of the LUX Prize finalists this year, and was...

Interview with Wolfgang Fischer & Ika Künzel

By Vojtech Konecny & Diego Aparicio

As the part of the LUX Prize screenings at the Venice Film Festival, and as the future ambassadors of this project’s 2018 edition, we had the chance to speak to the filmmakers of one of the 3 short-listed films for this price, Styx(2018). Our dear guests were writer/...