Selection process

Selection process

The films for the LUX FILM PRIZE Official Selection and Competition are proposed by the Selection Panel. The panel consists of 21 members, drawn from across the European film industry. This includes producers, distributors, cinema operators, festival directors and film critics, and a representative from Eurimages. The panel is chaired by Mrs Doris Pack, the LUX FILM PRIZE Coordinator and former President of the Committee on Culture. . The European Parliament's Committee on Culture and Education appoints the panel members and replaces one-third of the members each year. A representative of the winning film from the previous year's LUX FILM PRIZE is an ex officio member of the panel.

The films for the LUX FILM PRIZE Official Selection and Competition are proposed by the Selection Panel, who then decide which 10 films will be part of the Official Selection and, consequently, which 3 will be part of the Competition. Films may also be submitted by Members of the European Parliament and by spontaneous submission from cinema professionals/professionals in the industry.

Members of the Selection Panel who have participated in the production or commercial exploitation of a film in the Competition may still propose films but cannot vote for those in which they have commercial interest.

The Selection Panel's decisions are made by an overall majority or, failing that, by a relative majority reached through a ballot. The members are sworn to secrecy until the official announcement of the Selection (July) and of the Competition (end July).

The meetings are held at the European Parliament in Brussels in June, where the Selection Panel discuss and select the 10 films for the Official Selection. These will be announced at the beginning of July at the Karlovy Vary International Film Festival. Among these 10 selected films, the 3 films that  qualify for the Competition will go on to be subtitled in all 24 official languages of the European Union.


Selection Panel

The list of European cinema professionals who will have the task to propose, watch and select the films for the forthcoming Official Selection and Competition of the LUX FILM PRIZE 2018 and for the fifth edition of the LUX FILM DAYS (which will begin in autumn 2018) was endorsed by the Committee on Culture and Education in March.

The new members who have joined the Selection Panel are:
- M Jürgen BIESINGER Producer of the European Film Awards
- Ms Ditte Daugbjerg CHRISTENSEN, Øst for Paradis Cinema, Managing director & Head of distribution, Denmark
- Ms Juliette DURET, Head of Cinema, BOZAR, Belgium
- Ms Wendy IDE, Film critic for The Times, Screen International, Sight and Sound, and The Observer, UK
- M Lars LINDSTRÔM, Nordisk Film, Producer of SAMIBLOD-LUX FILM PRIZE WINNER 2017   Sweden - Laureate
- Ms Selma  MEHADZIC, Programmer , ZAGREB FILM FESTIVAL, Croatia
- M Nikolaj NIKITIN, Berlin Film Festival (Central/Northern/ Eastern-Europe, Central-Asia and the Caucasus delegate), Rector of SOFA (School of Film Agents)

LuxPrize Selection Process


Eligible Criteria

The LUX FILM PRIZE eligible films meet the following criteria:

  1. They are fictions or creative documentaries (may be animated).
  2. They have a minimum length of 60 minutes.
  3. They result from productions or co-productions eligible under the CREATIVE EUROPE/ MEDIA PROGRAMME - European Union countries and Iceland, Albania, Norway, BiH and Montenegro
  4. They illustrate universality of European values, diversity of cultures or themes raising the public debate on European building process.
  5. Films that had their festival premiere/ first release between 31 May 2016 and 31 May 2017.