Iszka Utazasa (Iska's Journey)

Csaba Bollók
92 min
Iszka Utazasa

Iska is 12. Put into care in an orphanage, where she is interrogated for possible signs of physical abuse by her parents, she replies: "They don’t beat me every day". She then sets out on her first voyage from her small town to the Black Sea, where she becomes the victim of human trafficking, meeting on her path other children in the same situation yet determined to escape their harsh destiny.

Screenplay: Csaba Bollok

Cinematography: Francisco Gozon

Editing: Judit Czako

Music: Balazs Temesvari

Sound: Andras Vamosi

Art direction: Csaba Czene, Mihaly Kostyal, Radu Razvan

Costumes: Melinda Doman

Cast: Mária Varga (Iszka), Rózsika Varga (Rózsika), Marian Rusache (Marian)

Producer: Agnes Csere

Production: Merkelfilm