Kalinovski Square

Yury Khashchavatski
58 min/73 min/87 min
Kalinovski Square

This film is the latest instalment in Belarus' most celebrated film director Yury Khashchavatski's long-standing and personally dangerous conflict with president Lukashenka. The title refers to the demonstrations on Kalinovski Square after the elections on 19 March 2006 where Lukashenka "created" his victory with almost 83% of the votes. With his astonishing material and ironic discourses Khashchavatski speaks out about resistance and persecution, displaying an overwhelming will for freedom. Director uses satire and cinematic idioms to give us a docu-comedy, we laugh because this is too much, it can't be true. But it is.

Editing: Dmitri Pivovarov, Kaspar Kallas

Sound: Vasily Shitikov, Tiina Andreas

Producer: Marianna Kaat

Production: Baltic Film Production

Distribution: Deckert Distribution GmbH