Götz Spielmann
121 min

A story about guilt and revenge set against the backdrop of Vienna’s demimonde and rural Austria. Alex is a driver and henchman for brothel owner Konecny. He is having a secret affair with one of the girls working at the brothel – Tamara from the Ukraine. Their love for each other is not the only bond – they are both determined to escape their current wretched situation. The time for their escape dawns when Konecny allows one his underworld buddies to brutally mistreat Tamara.

Screenplay: Götz Spielmann

Cinematography: Martin Gschlacht

Editing: Karina Ressler


Sound: Heinz Ebner, Bernhard Bamberger

Costumes: Monika Buttinger

Cast: Johannes Krisch (Alex), Irina Potapenko (Tamara), Andreas Lust (Robert), Ursula Strauss (Susanne), Johannes Thanheiser (Grandfather Hausner (as Hannes Thanheiser), Hanno Pöschl (Konecny - Tamara's Boss), Magdalena Kropiunig (Prostitute in Hotel), Toni Slama (Tamara's Customer), Elisabetha Pejcinoska (Cinderella Prostitute #1), Aniko Bärkanyi (Cinderella Prostitute #2), Annamaria Haytö (Cinderella Prostitute #3), Nicoletta Prokes (Cinderella Prostitute #4), Rainer Gradischnig (Harry - Man Beating Tamara), Haris Bilajbegovic (Man stopping Harry), Aleksander Reljic-Bohigas (Owner of Cinderella)

Producer: Götz Spielmann, Sandra Bohle, Mathias Forberg, Heinz Stussak

Production: Prisma Film- und Fernsehproduktion GmbHSpielmannfilm

Distribution: Filmladen (AT)Movienet Film (DE)MK2 Distribution (FR)Fandango Distribuzione (IT)


World sales: The Match Factory