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Roberto Castón
128 min

Forty something Ander leads a closed life. He runs the family farm. His mother resents the fact that his sister, fourteen years his junior, is getting married before him. Ander is part of a world where men must behave in a certain way and the women are to be seen and not heard. But when Ander takes a fall, plans must be put in place for the temporary upkeep of the farm, Jose enters into his life and questions him on how everything has come to be the way it has around him.

Screenplay: Roberto Caston

Cinematography: Kike López

Editing: Ivan Miñambres

Sound: Kike Lopez

Costumes: Atoya Arandigoyen

Cast: Eriz Alberdi (Iñaki), Joxean Bengoetxea (Ander), Christian Esquivel (Jose), Jose Kruz Gurrutxaga (Panadero), Juancho Kerejeta (Recepcionista), Unax Martín (Niño), Pedro Otaegi (Evaristo), Pako Revueltas (Peio), Mamen Rivera (Reme), Pilar Rodríguez (Madre), Leire Ucha (Arantxa)

Producer: José Maria Gonzalo, Fernando Diez, Paulo Guillen

Production: Berdindu, Antonio García, C/Henao, 9 - 1, 48009 Bilbao (Bizkaia), Espagne / Tel : +34 944235445 /

Distribution : Bodega Films

World sales: Latido Films, Malte Ollroge, +34 675526497