Lost Persons Area

Caroline Strubbe
109 min
Lost Persons Area

Bettina and Marcus, a passionate couple, live in a canteen in the middle of a vast field with endless lines of pylons. Marcus, trying to set up his own business, works as a foreman in the maintenance of these power lines. Bettina, bored and longing for a better life, runs the canteen for the workingmen. Their 9-year-old daughter Tessa wanders the industrial area, looking for bits and pieces to occupy her mind, skipping school whenever she can. When Marcus hires a Hungarian engineer, Szabolcs, to become part of his company, their unconventional way of living takes a new turn. But a tragic accident will shatter everyone’s pursuit of happiness. Lost Persons Area is a story about people lost in the meanders of life.

Screenplay: Caroline Strubbe

Cinematography: Nicolas Karakatsanis

Editing: Frederic Fichefet

Music: Albert Markos

Sound: Frederic Demolder, Julie Brenta, Benoit Biral, Franco Piscopo, Coen Graevendael, Joost Roskam, Joost Vanheerden

Costumes: Catherine Van Bree

Cast: Zoltán Miklós Hajdu (Szabolcs), Kimke Desart (Tessa), Lisbeth Gruwez (Bettina), Sam Louwyck (Marcus)

Production: Artémis ProductionsDe ProductieUj Budapest Filmstudio (HU)

Distribution: A-Film België NVLes AcaciasBest Hollywood (HU)

Co-production: Jan Vrints, Paolo Finotto

World sales: Umedia