La Bocca Del Lupo (The Mouth Of The Wolf)

Pietro Marcello
75 min
La Bocca Del Lupo

Enzo returns to Genoa after a lengthy absence. He comes to the city in search of places he remembers only to find that passing time has inexorably changed them. He also finds Mary, his life-long companion, waiting for him to return from prison at the small house in the old city’s ghetto.

Screenplay: Pietro Marcello

Cinematography: Pietro Marcello

Editing: Sara Fgaier

Music: Nino Bruno, Era, Marco Messina, Massimiliano Sacchi

Sound: Michele Caruso, Paolo Segat, Riccardo Spagnol, Emanuele Vernillo

Cast: Vincenzo Motta (Enzo), Mary Monaco (Mary), Franco Leo (Narrator), Stefano Carappa (Himself), Anna Massa (Herself), Antonio Micheletti (Himself), Andrea Cambi (Himself), Adriano Rossi (Himself), Sara Trombetti (Herself), Michela Jugovich (Herself), Domenico Ferini (Himself), Claudio Coppola (Himself), Roberto Polloni (Himself), Anita Lee (Herself), Ursula Salvo (Herself)

Producer: Francesca Cima, Nicola Giuliano, Dario Zonta

Production: Indigo Film

Distribution: MK2 Diffusion