Mistérios de Lisboa

Raúl Ruiz
256 min
Mistérios de Lisboa

A veritable whirlwind of adventures and escapades, coincidences and revelations, sentiments and violent passions, vengeance, love affairs, all wrapped in a rhapsodic voyage taking us from Portugal to France, Italy, and as far as Brazil. In this Lisbon of intrigue and hidden identities, we encounter a series of characters all somewhat linked to the destiny of Pedro da Silva, orphan in a boarding school. Father Dinis, a descendent of the aristocratic libertines, later to become a hero who defends justice, a countess maddened by her jealousy and set on her vengeance, a prosperous businessman who mysteriously made his fortune as a bloodthirsty pirate; these people and many more cross paths in a story set in the 19th century as they all search for the true identity of our main character.

Screenplay: Carlos Saboga

Cinematography: André Szankowski

Editing: Valeria Sarmiento, Carlos Madaleno

Music: Jorge Arriagada, Lúis de Freitas Branco

Art direction: Isabel Branco

Costumes: Tania Franco

Cast: Adriano Luz (Padre Dinis & Sabino Cabra & Sebastião de Melo), Maria João Bastos (Ângela de Lima), Ricardo Pereira (Alberto de Magalhães & Come-Facas), Clotilde Hesme (Elisa de Montfort), José Afonso Pimentel (Pedro da Silva Adulto), João Arrais (Pedro da Silva Criança), Albano Jerónimo (Conde de Santa Bárbara), João Baptista (D. Pedro da Silva), Martin Loizillon (Padre Dinis Jovem), Julien Alluguette (Benoit), Rui Morrison (Marquês de Montezelos), Joana de Verona (Eugénia), Carloto Cotta (D. Álvaro de Albuquerque), Maria João Pinho (Condessa de Vizo), José Manuel Mendes (Frei Baltazar da Encarnação)

Producer: Paulo Branco

Production: Clap Filmes

Sales agent: Alfama Films