Pevnost (Fortress)

Lukáš Kokeš, Klára Tasovská
Czech Republic
70 min

Just a few kilometers east from the European Union border, right between Moldova and Ukraine, lies Pridniestrovian Moldovan Republic. Thin strip of a land on the left bank of the Nistru river with 518 000 citizens is not recognized by any other country. On this officially non existing territory a professional film has never been shot. Framed by the time of presidential election, Fortress focuses on a couple of characters being stuck in this Geopolitical gap, in between European Union and Russia, in between capitalist present and soviet past, crime and decency, decadence and hope for change.

Screenplay: Lukáš Kokeš, Klára Tasovská

Film editing: Alexandra Gojdicová

Producers: Tomáš  Hrubý, Pavla Kubeckova 

Production: Nutprodcke

Sales agent: Taskovski Films