Ditte Daugbjerg
Ditte Daugbjerg Christensen
Øst for Paradis Cinema, Managing director & Head of distribution
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Ditte Daugbjerg Christensen inherited her great love for film and cinema from her father. She grew up in her father’s cinemas watching films and finding small, lost treasures under the seats, as she was far too young to watch. Family trips were often to film festivals in Europe, from Goteborg to Cannes, as film import and distribution became a larger part of her father’s company. As a school girl, and also later during her studies of architecture, she worked in a cinema, selling tickets and coffee and occasionally designing posters for films in distribution. She also took a yearlong sabbatical, coordinating a national film festival of French films while working in the cinema administration. Christensen returned to finish university, but after working for several years as an architect, she finally decided to join her sister, taking over their father’s arthouse cinema and distribution company, Øst for Paradis, where she has been Co-Director and Head of Distribution since 2010.

Her skills as an architect still come in handy, as she has also been in charge of a large remodeling of the cinema and its expansion into a 7-screen theatre; the largest arthouse cinema in Denmark.