Éva Vezér
Film and Audiovisual expert
Competition Year: 

Éva Vezér has been working in the film profession for more than thirty years. During her professional carreer she was - among others - programming director of Duna Television, head of MEDIA Desk Hungray and in the past ten years she was managing director of Magyar Filmunió, the international promotion arm of the Motion Picture Public Foundation of Hungary. For 3 years she was President of European Film Promotion, she is member of the Experts’Committee of Europa Cinemas and she is member of the European Film Academy.


"'Europe Loves Cinema' – this is the slogan of the MEDIA  Program. The creation of the LUX Prize is actually a proof that this slogan is taken seriously by the European Parliament. The LUX Prize selection process  focuses the attention of cinema goers to the best European films and talents. Cinema is part of our culture. The nominated films are coming from diverse European countries, so the selection reflects our culural diversity in the field of the seventh art."