The LUX family starts packing for Cannes

If you are a cinephile, you have probably been waiting for this moment for a long time: the 71st Cannes Film Festival line-up is finally (completely) unveiled!

The festival will welcome a wide array of films fresh out of the oven –...

28 Times Cinema

The LUX Film Prize, Europa Cinemas,  Giornate degli Autori- in partnership with Cineauropa,  will turn the dream of 28 young filmgoers into reality!

Since 2010, the European Parliament has supported the 28 TIMES CINEMA project...

Selection Panel 2018

Four months after Amanda Kernell’s beloved Sámi Blood received the 2017 LUX Prize (read the news), the European Parliament is ready once again to highlight the most relevant productions of the film season that is already well under...

Photo from BPM movie

True to its status as the clear frontrunner, BPM (Beats Per Minute) by Robin Campillo did indeed dominate the awards ceremony for this year’s Césars, bagging six trophies, including the top prize, Best French Film of 2017.


Photo from L’ordine delle cose movie

The LUX Prize continues to shine a spotlight on the main issues that are affecting Europe and that are shaping the current situation of our continent. The migration crisis, which has come to a head in recent years owing to the endless conflicts...