27 times cinema gives voice to European youth


Twenty seven young film lovers attended the 67th Venice International film festival which took place in September 2010.

Over 11 days, the youngsters – one from each of the EU’s 27 Member States – watched and discussed the films on show including the three films shortlisted for the 2010 European Parliament’s LUX film prize. The three films are: Plato’s AcademyWhen we leave and Illégal and deal with the complex issues of immigration, identities, racism, ageing and family ties and expectations.

One of the debates they attended focused on Cinema and European identities. Moderated byNick James, from the British Film Institute and member of the LUX Prize Selection Panel, the directors of the three shortlisted films discussed their work and their challenges in realising and producing European films especially when they dealt with issues such as migration and identity.


Doris Pack, the Chair of the Committee on Culture and Education, as part of the delegation of the European Parliament invited to the Venice Days, said films can tackle key questions of our daily lives and raise awareness and understanding. For her, the 27 times cinema highlighted the importance of giving a voice to young audiences and promoting dialogue among them, the film industry and the European Parliament.

The European Parliament LUX Prize in partnership with Venice Days and Europa Cinemas invited the 27 youngsters. The event also had the support of Cineuropa.

A cinema in each of the 27 countries belonging to Europa Cinemas organized a competition to find the young person in their country to attend the festival.