Interview of Olivier Masset-Depasse, director of “Illégal”

How did you come up with this story?
At the outset, while I was watching the news on television, I found out that 15 kilometres away from my home, there was a detention centre for illegal immigrants. And you hear words like prison for...

Interview of Feo Aladag, the director of “When we leave”

Extracts from the press conference at the Berlinale 2010 where she unveiled her film.
What first sparked this project?
Six years ago, I shot footage for Amnesty International on violence against women, and I did a lot of...

Interview of Filippos Tsitos, the director of Plato's Academy

Cineuropa: Plato's Academy shows an identity clash between different communities. Why did you choose this theme?
Filippos Tsitos: The theme chose me. I have been always attracted to stories about disoriented males in their 50s. And for the...