Accessible to all: winner of the LUX Prize 2012 comes out in audio description

Trieste Film Festival

"Shun Li and the Poet", director Andrea Segre’s film which won the 2012 edition of the European Parliament founded LUX Prize in support of European cinema, will be projected in Italy for the first time ever in video description within the context of the 24th Trieste Film Festival.

The wish behind that screening is to enable a broader audience to share the beauty of a sensitive and poetic film which has already conquered public and critics alike, proving it is an excellent ambassador for quality Italian cinema.

The screening of "Shun Li and the Poet" is an invitation to reflect and discuss, together with thousands of Europeans, themes that have become a part of our everyday lives: immigrants’ existence, the difficulty of integration, of establishing human relationships when different cultures are involved, when solidarity and sensitivity prevail over prejudice. The LUX Prize is an innovative tool for cultural politics in Europe, which favours understanding and broadens horizons without negating any national identity. At the same time, it is also an attempt to bring the European Parliament closer to its citizens. This new form of relationship should create a confrontation and a dialogue on great social questions which can then be taken up by the Parliament itself and lead to decision-making. Indeed, to have the European citizens’ pulse is increasingly important and every single antenna, tool and dialogue method should be valued.

Every year, the LUX Prize shines its lights on three films selected for the Competition. The films are seen by the Members of the European Parliament, who are asked to vote in order to decide on a winner. This year, for the first time, thanks to a new project called LUX FILM DAYS, screenings of the three films happened in all 27 Member States. The films were each subtitled into the 23 languages of the Union and were screened in festivals, film institutes and theatres with the collaboration of the Parliament Information Offices.

“Shun Li and the Poet” which won the 2012 Prize, and that we are proud to present at the Trieste Film Festival, was not only subtitled in 23 languages, not only screened in over 40 cities across 27 countries, but it has now also been adapted for visually and hearing impaired people in Italian, French and English (for the international version).

The screening of “Shun Li and the Poet” in Trieste will be the first screening for visually impaired to take place. The European Parliament and the LUX Prize are very proud of the opportunity offered by the Trieste Film Festival, which makes culture more accessible and supports cinema as a tool for integration.

We hope audience will deeply appreciate and profit from this film in the same way, and with the same intensity other Europeans have been able to. We hope this initiative will encourage more festivals and institutions to support projects aimed at involving people with disabilities to come to watch films in the best way possible.