ARTE and LUX prize embark on a new journey, to promote cultural diversity and creativity across and beyond Europe.

Shun li and the Poet

The LUX FILM PRIZE of the European Parliament is once again partnering up with ARTE and ARTEKino to promote one LUX PRIZE film as the "Film of the Month" over the next 3 months to raise awareness of European commitments to culture and the European Elections 2019.Each film will be online for free and with subtitles in 24 languages for one month, from March until May.

The "Film of the Month" of March is Io Sono Li (Shun li and the Poet) , the first full-length drama by documentary film-maker Andrea Segre, awarded with the LUX prize in 2012. The film is a restrained and sensitive depiction of an encounter between different cultures. It is beautifully interpreted by Zhao Tao, the muse of Jia Zhange, and the Croatian actor Rade Serbedzija, remembered in EYES WIDE SHUT by Stanley Kubrick.  Shun li and the Poet is a social melodrama which prevails off the beaten track of Italian contemporary cinema. The solitude of a young Chinese woman lost on an island of the Venetian lagoon inspired Andre Segre to tell a beautiful love story and an unexpected one, far from over simplifying immigration and racism. Beyond questions of identity and alienation, it is first and foremost the emotions of the characters that interest the filmmaker.
"Cinema has the capacity of focusing people’s attention on individual lives, using these individual histories as metaphors for a bigger phenomenon. Cinema can help politics to fly away from this risk, which is not only a risk for professional politics, but also for the relationship between politics and society, human beings. » A. Segre.
The film is available until the 31st of March, here:
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