Countdown for the Award Ceremony of the 2012 LUX Prize

LUX Prize Trophy

The award ceremony of the 6th Edition of the LUX Prize will take place on the 21st of November in Strasbourg.
The European Parliament's President Martin Schulz will award on 21 November this year's LUX Cinema Prize. The three competing films are Just The Wind (Csak a Szél) by Bence Fliegauf, (Hungary, Germany and France), Shun Li and the Poet (Io sono Li) by Andrea Segre (Italy and France) and Tabu by Miguel Gomes (Portugal, Germany, France and Brazil). The Members of the European Parliament having seen the films will choose the winner, to be announced on the day of the ceremony.
Taken together, these three remarkable films reflect the richness, depth and beauty of the European cinema. Each has its own take on the questions facing our society, approaching them realistically or imaginatively, harshly or delicately, from a contemporary or nostalgic viewpoint.
This year, the Member of the European Parliament had several ways to watch the films with other cinema enthusiasts: Video On Demand, two weeks of screenings in the European Parliament and for the very first time, in the frame of the LUX Film Days.
The LUX Film Days consist in the screenings of the three finalist films in the European Union's countries. The purpose of the initiative is to share the cultural diversity of European cinema and to debate in situ and online the topics depicted by the films: in other words, to provide a forum for people from different parts of Europe and exchange views – in a unity of action, time and place.
This same cinematic event is taking place in more then 40 Europeans cities with the involvement of the Information offices of the European parliament and in partnership with International Film Festivals, Theatres and Cinema Houses.
For the first time a truly European public mention has been launched: this is not a new prize, but a way to link citizens and to share ideas and opinions on the films and their issues. Every citizen, every viewer can vote on the LUX prize website or on the LUX facebook page.
The Prize itself is always awarded by MEPs. With the MEP's vote, the European Parliament will be able to elect the LUX Prize's Laureate. The winner film will be adapted for the visually and hearing impaired and supported by further tailored promotion.
It is now time for the Members of the European parliament to vote: they have till November 20 to cast their vote!
On 21st of November, follow the award ceremony as from 11.45 hrs live on !