Cyril Mennegun’s Louise Wimmer screened at the European Parliament on March 6th

Louise Wimmer

The European Parliament organises a special film screening and debate for the International Women's Day on March 6th. The theme of this year is Women's response to the crisis.

The film screening will be the French movie Louise Wimmer by Cyril Mennegun who just won the Cesar for Best First Film and will be present at the screening. The story is about a fifty-year-old woman who has to start her life over again after a painful break-up. She lives in her car but she's willing to do anything to win her life back. The film has been among the 10 films composing the Official Selection for the LUX Prize 2012.

After the screening, a debate will take place with the subject: “How do women respond to the crisis ?”.

The film screening is free admission, so for those interested it will be on March 6th at 6.30 pm but you will need to register first at this address: