The Director's Assembly 2nd clap in Venice

At the Cannes Film Festival last May, The Directors’ Fortnight inaugurated the Directors’ Assembly to discuss the roles and functions of men and women in the film buisness in regards to their work, contemporary culture, urgencies dictated by the contrast between business and creation as well as cultural diversity.
The "second moment" of the Directors’ Assembly took place in Venice with Doris Pack and Silvia Costa for the Cultural Committee of the European Parliament, with many directors and representatives of Italian authors’ associations present at the Venice Film Festival .
The LUX Prize helped establish a dialogue between Members of the European Parliament, active in the cultural field, and audiovisual and cinema professionals, first at Cannes as partners of the Directors Assembly, and in Venice as one of the promoters of this discussion.
The winner of the 2012 LUX Prize, Andrea Segre underlined that: "When your film is translated into 24 languages and travels in 28 countries, you see it keeps on living and in many different ways. To take part in the LUX Prize and win this Award has been an honour and a critical step in the life of the film. The great difficulty lays in making our film travel. And moreover, in today's society we should start doing seriously film education. In schools (but also in general in the society)  cinema and audio-visual languages are still too much neglected."
Catherine Corsini (SRF and Jury Orizzonti) pointed out how film culture is a valuable asset, and how it is therefore  of the utmost importance to support cinema. She stressed the need of carrying on the defense of the cultural exception together. She agreed with Segre on the importance of including cinema in educational programmes in schools, with an approach towards an "other cinema" that is not exclusively that of the multiplex .
And it is more and more necessary to enlarge the audience: this might be one of the focal points of the new Creative Europe program for the next seven years.
As part of the Directors’ Assembly, the directors of the  three 2013 LUX Prize finalists, talked about their films - Honey by Valeria Golino, The Selfish Giant by Clio Barnard and The Broken Circle Breakdown by Felix van Groeningen
The "LUX Film Days " were presented to the public: it consists of screening these 3 films, subtitled in 24 languages,  in the 28 European countries next autumn.

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Director's Assembly in Venice
Director's Assembly in Venice