The European Parliament LUX Prize open air screen offers the festival-goers a unique moment to enjoy the best of European cinema

The European Parliament LUX Prize open air screen offers the festival-goers a unique moment to enjoy the best of European cinema

During six evenings the LUX Prize of the European Parliament as partner of the Brussels Film Festival, invites you to the free open screenings in the Square Sainte Croix, at the festival entrance.

Six European films will be screen under the stairs, because we think Cinema is still the best way to travel far on emotions, to share dreams and ideals, to discuss and to enjoy together.

The European Parliament LUX prize wishes you to enjoy the open air LUX screenings.

Screening schedule

Soul Kitchen
By Fatih Akin
Director of Auf der anderen seite (The edge of heaven), Winner of the LUX Prize 2007
France/Germany - 2010 - 99'
After having shot two fims in Turkey, Fatih Akin is back home in Germany. A colorful manifesto with great musical input. This film will definitely put a smile on your face.
By Alex Stockman
Belgium - 2010 - 95'
She lives in New York, he lives in Brussels. So what, they have internet! However... Belgian director Alex Stockman questions the relationship between man and the virtual world through a beautiful shot and intriguing film, with a great lead for Matthias Schoenarts.
Akadimia Platonos (Plato's academy)
By Filippos Tsitos
LUX Prize 2010 - Official Competition
Greece/Germany - 2009 - 103'
A Greek shopkeeper discivers something about his family's past when his mother embraces an Albanian worker. A film about the acceptance of differences, using a sweet and sour tone in a joyful nonchalance.
Io sono l'amore (I am love)
By Luca Guadagnino
LUX Prize 2010 - Official Selection
Italy - 2009 - 118'
Real cinema lets the images speak for themsalves. Tida Swinton shines in this film, in which the camera succeeds to translate the tormented souls of the characters.
Illégal (Illegal)
By Olivier Masset-Depasse
LUX Prize 2010 - Official Competition
Belgium/France/Luxembourg - 2010 - 90'
Why are illegal immigrants treated like criminals in our country? Our fellow countryman Olivier Masset-Depasse directs a poignant psychological thriller that shows how the system can chew some people up and just split them out.
Je suis un no man's land
By Thierry Jousse
France - 2010 - 92'
Under the direction of Thierry Jousse (ex-editor for the Cahiers du Cinéma and musical columnist), Philippe Katerine explores a world of poetic surrealism, completely wacky and wild. Double take: you'll be able to follow dandy Katerine's mishaps and you'll swoon over his romance with Julie Depardieu, his one and only.

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