Film celebrities raise their voices for refugees in European Parliament and Commission

Film celebrities raise their voices for refugees in European Parliament and Commission

Michel Hazanavicius (The Artist), German icon Hanna Schygulla - who received the first LUX PRIZE in 2007 for Auf der Anderen Seite by Fatih Akin, Laurent Cantet, who chaired in Venice the 28 Times Cinema Jury, and many other actors and directors came to the Parliament and Commission to appeal Institutions to take measures to respond to the refugees crisis with solidarity, humanity and in accordance with EU's founding values.


After receiving the filmmakers’ appeal, European Parliament President Schulz welcomes the delegation quoting Edmund Burke: “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”


“I welcome very warmly this initiative. The majority of Europeans favours helping refugees. With this initiative and many others by civil society, we show that we stay mobilized to find a fair solution in a spirit of solidarity and humanity”.


“European filmmakers came to the Parliament today because they understand the power of images and that the European Union is also a Union of values in the midst of the refugee crisis. For this reason, they are right to speak out on refugees, as the winter sets in, to call on member states to shake off their complacency and populism, and focus on a practical, organised, compassionate action in place of inertia”, added Civil Liberties Committee Chair Claude Moraes.


“Cinema, creativity and culture have a crucial role in raising citizens’ awareness and the responsibility of national and European institutions. We are delighted to have received at the European Parliament the call from directors and actors who, with their valuable work, can give a voice and eyes to the dramatic situation of refugees. We share with them the goal of a more cohesive and inclusive Europe”, concluded Culture Committee Chair Silvia Costa.


Among the signatories, many directors who have been involved in the LUX Film Prize: just to quote some, Pawel Pawlikowski, LUX Prize and Oscar recipient in 2014 for Ida, Jean Pierre & Luc Dardenne awarded with the LUX Prize for Lorna's Silence, Aki Kaurismäki, Fatih Akin, and many others.


Since its inception, the LUX Film Prize filmography have been digging into the topicality of migration, refugees and asylum issues: the Dardenne's Lorna's Silence in 2008, Welcome by Philippe Lioret in 2009, Illegal and Plato's Akademy in 2010, Le Havre in 2011, Io solo Li by Andrea Segre (2012), Eat Sleep Die or La Plaga (2013), Xenia, Macondo in 2014. This year competing film Mediterranea will be screened more than 200 times all across Europe, and a special event with a live Q&A session with director Jonas Carpignano will be organised in Brussels, Sevilla, Santiago, Paris, Bucarest, Budapest, Lisboa and Cork on 11 November. 


Photo: © European Union 2015 - Source : EP