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28 young film lovers from the 28 Member States of the European Union are taking part in the 70th Venice International Film Festival.


Through this event, the 28 participants are invited to watch all the films presented at the Venice Days as well as those competing for the LUX Prize 2013, and play the role of film critics by contributing to a blog as well as to participate in round-table discussions and debates with film industry professionals, critics and filmmakers.

By taking part in an international festival, the participants already involved in a reflection about contemporary cinema through their personal activities, will have the opportunity to deepen their interest in cinema and take a step in their career path. This event is also the occasion to highlight a new youth, concerned about ideals of the European construction, in which they firmly await to be involved, passionate about current cinema and open to the world, especially now that new technologies allow them to share this passion in real time.
28 Times Cinema is promoted by the European Parliament Film Award LUX Prize, in partnership with Venice Days, Europa Cinemas and with the collaboration of


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