Interview with Éva Vezér, Film and Audiovisual Expert and Member of the Lux Prize Selection Panel

Interview with Éva Vezér

What is your opinion of this year's LUX Prize finalists?

Even though the shortlisted films were very different in their topics, genres and methods; I think all three were of a very high standard.

The jury was correct in thinking that citizens would be interested in all three of the movies, as well as in the film that eventually won the Prize. This year's selection also highlights that European film, and European culture, is very heterogeneous, vivid and is able to address the audience by providing them with a cathartic experience wherever they live on this continent.

During the selection process, members of the Selection Panel first chose 10 films out of more than 40 movies longlisted, and finally narrowed these down to the three finalists. To be honest, it was a close contest to select these finalists; as there was a particularly high standard of films this year. I would recommend anyone who is interested in cinema to watch all ten movies if possible as it will certainly provide an enriching experience.

Which film did you expect to win the prize?

Predicting the winner always comes with a certain degree of uncertainty; all nominees could have won and would have deserved the Prize. Of course I would have been happy if the Hungarian film 'Just the Wind' by Bence Fliegauf would have won. I am convinced that it had a very good chance: during discussions within the Selection Panel, various renowned members said that they liked the film and considered it as the most likely winner.

It has already been revealed that the Italian film 'Il sono Li' by Andrea Segre won this year's LUX Prize and I would like to congratulate the Director, as he truly deserves it.

How did you feel at the opening event of the LUX Film Days in the Europe Point in Budapest?

I was surprised at first by the high number of interested citizens. The LUX Prize was founded by the European Parliament in 2007, and it took some time for the Prize to gain public recognition. Initiatives, such as the LUX Prize, develop a lot over the years, as experience is gained. This year LUX Film Days were arranged simultaneously in several European countries for the first time. This proved to be a successful initiative and helped to attract the attention of all those interested in European cinema. It is definitely a good feeling to open a program and to see the films screening in front of a highly receptive audience. Being a member of the LUX Prize Selection Panel and having the opportunity to share my experiences with the Hungarian audience has been a real honour for me.

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Interview with Éva Vezér
Interview with Éva Vezér