Interview with Clio Barnard, director of The Selfish Giant

Clio Barnard:  "While I was making The Arbor I met a boy called Matty who lived on The Arbor, a street in Bradford. The film is based on him and his relationship with his best friend. I read The Selfish Giant to my own children when they were small and always wanted to make a contemporary, realist version of this story. The story is about the dangers of excluding children, what gets lost when children are shut out, when their value is not recognised. Matty and his friend were children on the margins of an already marginalised community - so I knew who the children would be, but had trouble figuring out who the giant could be. Matty and his friend were collecting scrap metal using a horse and cart, as lots of teenage boys in Bradford do, and that gave me the idea of the selfish giant being a scrap man."