The Italian Film Festival USA will screen Io sono Li

Italian Film Festival USA

This is the ninth year that the Italian Film Festival USA takes place in 12 major American cities such as Detroit, Columbia and Boulder where Io sono Li will be screen this April.

The purpose of this festival it to present each year the best of what the Italian film industry has to offer. This year it will screen the best line-up of recent Italian cinema with films from awards-winning directors, as well as highlighting debut film from new talent.

“For many of these films and directors, the American market is almost non-existent. Some films may make it onto Netflix. Very few eventually become a blockbuster like Life is Beautiful. They may be blockbusters commercially in Italy and in Europe, but not so much in the States.” said Pietro Sarcina, the chair of the Metro Detroit organizing committee. “We try to complement and to bring films that would probably never be seen in this area. Our purpose is to give people an opportunity to peek into different cultures, different worlds, different customs and different ways to look at life or art or languages and things like that.”

14 different Italian films will be screen including Andrea Segre's Io sono Li, the 2012 Lux Prize winner film. All films are free and open to the general public. To know the locations and the film schedule, you can go on