LUX FILM DAYS: crossing Europe and moving audiences

It has been exactly one month since the three LUX Prize nominees started their journey across Europe, through the LUX FILM DAYS.
Clio Barnard’s The Selfish Giant, Valeria Golino’s Miele and Felix van Groeningen’s The Broken Circle Breakdown have already visited 17 countries: Ireland, Denmark, Croatia, Lithuania, the Netherlands, Cyprus, the Czech Republic, Sweden, Belgium, Germany, Austria, Greece, France, the United Kingdom, Estonia, Slovenia and Spain – they still have nine more to go.
But, so far, how are people reacting to the films?
The members of the 28 Times Cinema project are attending the LUX FILM DAYS screenings and interviewing the viewers.
Reporting from Zagreb, where the films were screened as part of the Zagreb Film Festival, Mihaela Cenkovčan stated that the audience’s reactions were stimulating. Exceeding a hundred viewers for each screening, the audience age ranged from young to older people. The three films caused rich and diverse comments - “quite hard, shocking and realistic topic, but brilliantly shown” for The Selfish Giant, “hard topic but recommended” for Miele, and even “one of the best films I saw in ten years”  for The Broken Circle Breakdown.
The films received similar feedback in the Netherlands. Reporting from the Leiden International Film Festival, Simone Vos stated the three very different films managed to move audiences equally. Miele portrayed a very tough subject, but managed to warm most of the viewer’s hearts, The Selfish Giant left some people in shock, and The Broken Circle Breakdown, already released in theatres in the Netherlands, got to attract a big new audience.
Copenhagen’s Cinemateket hosted the screening of Van Groenigen’s film, and will welcome the other two finalists late November. According to Charlotte Uldall, the film left a great impression on the audience, who was particularly touched by its acting, music and story.
Will you take part in the LUX FILM DAYS when it soon hits your country?