The LUX FILM DAYS did not end with the LUX Prize ceremony

The 2013 LUX Prize was finally given last week – Felix Van Groeningen's The Broken Circle Breakdown received the trophy in a ceremony held in the Strasbourg headquarters of the European Parliament (news). MEPs, who picked their favourite of the three finalists, had the opportunity to watch the films in DVD, VOD and special screenings. The three finalists also met audiences across Europe in the framework of the LUX Film Days, and they will continue to do so as the event is to last until early 2014.
The United Kingdom, Romania, Latvia and Bulgaria were the countries that hosted the latest LUX Film Days. The members of the 28 Times Cinema were there to tell us all about it!
Amy Moore states the atmosphere in Belfast screenings was a very emotional one. “We are all human beings no matter what job we do. Every person has their own views on what job they do”, stated a viewer after seeing Miele. “An even deeper disregard for fundamentalist belief systems and the damage it inflicts on society”, said another viewer about The Broken Circle Breakdown. “A greater insight into poverty stricken families dealing with mental illness, living on benefits - struggling through life”, expressed another regarding The Selfish Giant.
Bucharest also held the screenings, as reported by Stefan Aganencei, raising a powerful debate among those attending. Van Groenigen's film pushed the debate around raising a child in Europe, Golino's film made people think about euthanasia, as well as health, dignity and religion, and Barnard's film raised the audience's awareness regarding poverty and the governments' concerns.
Baiba Bergmane says that Riga’s Splendid Cinema was full for the three screenings. The impact of The Broken Circle Breakdown was particularly intense. Dealing with the fragility of life, the LUX Prize winner moved an audience which still has not forgotten the recent collapse of a supermarket roof in Riga.
Sofia held the film screenings only a few days before the award ceremony. Anastas Punev reports a good feedback from the public, who commented on “Miele's honest point of view on such a risky topic as euthanasia” or “the severe atmosphere captured in The Selfish Giant”, which turned out to be the local favourite”.
Have you been to your country's screenings or are you still waiting for them?

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