The LUX FILM PRIZE kicks off today!

The LUX FILM PRIZE Competition formally begins today. Tomorrow morning at the Committee on Culture and Education chaired by Mrs Silvia Costa, the LUX Film Prize coordinator, Mrs Doris Pack, will present the main highlights of this 8th edition of the European Parliament's Film Prize. You can watch the live broadcast here.
Starting from today, Members of the European Parliament are invited to watch & vote on three films competing for the European Parliament’s LUX Film Prize: RAZREDNI SOVRAŽNIK (Class Enemy), by Rok Biček (Slovenia), BANDE DE FILLES (Girlhood), by Céline Sciamma (France) and IDA, by Paweł Pawlikowski (Poland, Denmark).
The winner is selected by the Members of the European Parliament who can watch the films via a Video on Demand specific platform with subtitles in 23 languages provided by Egeda Filmotech. Alternatively, they can watch the films during the screenings organised inside the European parliament from 1st to 12th of December, in a cinema built especially for this occasion. 
To launch the internal screenings, on December 2nd and 3rd the directors and lead actors of the three competing films will come to the European Parliament. The same day they will present the films at the Centre for Fine Arts – BOZAR – in Brussels.
Members of Parliament are also invited to take part in the LUX FILM DAYS, which started in mid-October, and are now entering its core phase, with screenings throughout the main European FestivalsFor the third year running, LUX FILM DAYS will facilitate the screening of the three films across the 28 Member States, subtitled in 23 languages. Check the LUX FILM DAYS calendar and find out when the screenings are happening in your home country.
Members of Parliament are asked to vote for one of the three films in the Competition from today until December 16th. The Award Ceremony will take place in the Plenary Chamber, on December 17th.
In parallel with the European Parliament's internal competition, the Audience Mention is reaching out to the hearts of European viewers! The Audience Mention gives you the opportunity to vote on your favourite LUX film or theme, and even to be personally selected to unveil the winner of the Audience Mention at the Karlovy Vary International Film Festival in July 2015.