LUX Prize and LUX Film Days 2012 : a promising outcome

LUX Film Days 2013

The 6th edition of the LUX Prize took place in 2012. It was also the first edition of the LUX Film Days, involving more than 24,000 citizens!

It was the first time that the three finalist films of the LUX Prize were screened in all the European Union's countries, subtitled into the 23 official languages of the Union. The initiative was a huge success with more than 130 screenings in the 27 Member States. And more importantly, in many countries as preview screenings. Needless to say that without LUX Film Days the public in some countries would have never had the chance to see them!

The LUX Film Days are also a good pretext to bring the European Parliament closer to the citizens. The sense of the LUX Prize is to select films that show and open the debate about the European identity. They also show our values in a culturally divers Europe. The themes of the finalist films of 2012 focused mainly on immigration, social inclusion and Roma. These subjects create confrontation and dialogues that can lead to legislative dossiers with political decisions to be taken liked it happened in the past. Moreover, public debates were often set up after the screenings, creating platforms for debate that continue on social media.

The Members of the European Parliament have been strongly involved in the initiative. Many of them were present at the debates and casted their vote for the LUX Prize. This increasing involvement opens a dialogue between the citizens and the members of the European Parliament at a time where European matters seem complicated and out of reach for the citizens.

Printed, audiovisual and electronic media published more than 1,000 articles and reportages on both the LUX Film Days and the LUX Prize in whole Europe.

It must also be reminded that the elections of the European Parliament will take place in 2014. This is indeed a good time to talk about European matters and to reinforce the links between MEPs and the citizens!