LUX Prize contenders invade Scotland

Le Silence de Lorna

4 former LUX prize participants screened at Edinburgh's Just festival

The Scottish festival 'Just' associates with the European Parliament and the LUX Prize in order to screen 4 European films that were competing for the prize in previous years. Le silence de Lorna (2008 winner), Illegal (2010 finalist), R (2010 nominee) and Kalinovski Square (2007 nominee) are the films chosen to be screened in Edinburgh.

Guest speakers, conversation, performances, exhibition, workshops, art and culture will animate this thirteenth festival held from August 2-26. Organised in 28 venues, 450 activities will focus on the work being done in Edinburgh to create sustainable peace. The proposed films and conversation form together the backbone of this festival centered around the understanding of the other.

Details: Information Office in the United Kingdom