The LUX Prize films to travel all over Europe this autumn

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From mid-October to December, during the LUX FILM DAYS, all Europeans will have the opportunity to watch the three finalist films of the LUX Prize:

For the 2nd year, the European Parliament’s LUX Prize supports this initiative. 

The LUX FILM DAYS consists in screening the three films of the LUX Prize Official Competition, subtitled in the 24 languages of the European Union across the 28 European countries during the same period of time, this autumn. The aim is to share the diversity and richness of European cinema with the largest number of Europeans and to debate the topics depicted by the films. This initiative seeks to support both public debate on Europe and the circulation of European film productions.

By expressing your vote on your favourite LUX film or theme, you might get the chance to travel to Karlovy Vary Film Festival and announce the result of the Public Mention yourself!

The LUX Prize winner film is selected by the Members of the European Parliament and will be unveiled on December 11th in Strasbourg, by the President of the European Parliament.

From mid-October to December, the LUX Prize finalists will be screened in the following cities. Click on the map to find out where & when the LUX FILM DAYS are happening in your country and don't miss the opportunity to participate to the screenings and debates:

Don’t miss the 2nd edition of the LUX FILM DAYS!