LUX Prize finalists directors of Miele and the Broken Circle Breakdown recognised for their work as European filmmakers

The Broken Circle Breakdown by Felix Van Groeningen has just been awarded the Audience Nod at The Haugesund International Film Festival, one of the most important film festivals to take place in Scandinavia, a success that coincides with the film’s recent selection as LUX Prize finalist.
This is the director’s fourth film: his career evolved spectacularly over the past few months, winning an abundant amount of awards such as the Label Europa Cinemas and Public award at the Berlin International Film Festival or Best Screenplay at the Tribeca Film Festival.
As LUX Prize finalist it will be screen all over the 28 Member States of the European Union during the LUX FILM DAYS, in autumn, and its notoriety will surely grow in the coming months.
On another subject but discussing a contemporary European issue such as euthanasia, Valeria Golino’s Miele holds a logical place as one of the other three LUX prize finalists after having been awarded the special mention of the Prize of the Ecumenical Jury at the Cannes Film Festival, as well as the Audience Award at the Brussels Film Festival.
Indeed, in an interview given to Golino states to "feel like a European citizen even if I do not agree with everything that is happening in Europe". Beyond the question of euthanasia she is firmly against austerity and economic measures led against countries like her native Italy as well "as Greece and all the countries of Southern Europe". Furthermore, the director and actress feels incredibly concerned by the current state of cultural policies lead by the EU which she feels "should do more, even customizing cultural aid for each country".
This will be something she will have the opportunity to discuss further during the second filmmaker’s assembly to take place at the Venice International Film Festival opening today. 
Photo: Miele