The LUX Prize goes to Hollywood

Oscar photo

Every year the Oscars catch everyone’s eye all around the world. The Best Foreign Language Film category puts almost every non-English-speaking country fighting against each other in order to win the precious statuette, and this year destiny is looking bright for the LUX Prize films.


For the first time, there are two films previously selected by the LUX Prize among the shortlisted features for Best Foreign Language Film. Paolo Sorrentino’s LUX Prize Official Selection film The Great Beauty and Felix Van Groeningen’s LUX Prize winner The Broken Circle Breakdown have been picked as two of the nine initial candidates for the award.


Representing their home countries (Italy and Belgium, respectively), both features will have to surpass seven other films submitted by their countries – namely, Danis Tanovic’s An Episode in the Life of An Iron Picker, Rithy Panh’s The Missing Picture, Thomas Vinterberg’s The Hunt, Georg Mass’ Two Lives, Wong Kar-Wai’s The Grandmaster, János Szász’s The Notebook and Hany Abu-Assad’s Omar – in order to make the list of final nominees.


In the history of the LUX Prize, one of the selected films was previously nominated in the category (Götz Spielmann’s Revanche, in 2009) and two others were among the shortlisted films (Stephan Komandarev’s The World is Big and Salvation Lurks Around the Corner, in 2010, and Ursula Meier’s Sister, in 2013).


What will be the fate of the LUX Prize winner 2013? Will The Broken Circle Breakdown get the prestigious nomination? The final shortlist will be unveiled, on January 16th.


Stay tuned to check out if the LUX Prize makes it to Hollywood!