The LUX Prize Public Mention: meet the person who will announce it!

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For the first time, the 2013 LUX Prize included the Public Audience Mention, which allowed viewers from anywhere in Europe to vote and express their views on their favourite film and theme of the selected films. Hundreds of you voted in the past few months and finally one of you was selected at random to announce the result of the voting.

It is the Slovak Iveta Kollarova the lucky one who will join us in Karlovy Vary to announce the winner of the LUX Public Mention 2013.

Iveta is 27 and lives in Bratislava. For the moment she works in the Government Office of the Slovak Republic, but she is also a freelance writer for a film web magazine with a passion for music. Her dream? To become one day a radio presenter, hosting her own show about films and music. What a better way to practise her anchorman skills than announcing the winner of the LUX Public Mention on Sunday!

Will the public choice match with that of the European Parliament? Only a few hours to find out.

Stay tuned!

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Iveta Kollarova