My Life as a Courgette, nominated for the EFA Young Audience Award

My Life as a Courgette nominated for EFA Young Audience Awards

Fresh off its win at France’s Césars (where the film took home the Best Animated Film award, as well as the Best Adapted Screenplay – read news), Claude Barras’ 2016 LUX Prize nominee My Life as a Courgette keeps receiving accolades. And from an institution that has already showed its love for the film.

The European Film Academy has chosen My Life as a Courgette as one of the nominees for the EFA Young Audience Award. Barras’ film had already been the winner of the Best European Animated Film, last December in Wroclaw (read news). The film is this way vying for another prize coming from the body, against German title Goodbye Berlin, by Fatih Akin; and another Swiss film, The Girl Down Loch Änzi, by Alice Schmid.

Final decisions on these nominations were made by an international committee consisting of Illia Dyadik (Ukraine), from Children KinoFest; Michael Habauer (Germany), from Sächsischer Kinder- und Jugendfilmdienst e.V.; Selma Mehadžić (Croatia), from Zagreb Film Festival; Marta Nieto Postigo (Spain), from Drac Màgic; and Hilde Steenssens (Belgium), from Filemon.

The three nominated films will be screened for audiences of 12 to 14-year-olds in 31 countries across Europe on Young Audience Film Day on 7 May (read more about all the venues here), and these young viewers will form the jury that will subsequently choose the winner. Once voting is concluded, jury spokespeople will deliver the national results live via video conference to Erfurt, Germany, and the winning film will be announced in an award ceremony streamed online.

As was the case last year, this sixth edition of the EFA Young Audience Award will include child refugees. It aims to be an integrative initiative and to respond to the current migration situation that Europe is experiencing. Berlin, participating for the second time in this initiative, will, alongside the European Film Academy, bring together pupils from the city and refugee children in “welcome classes”, where they will watch the nominated films, discuss them and vote for the winner.

Good luck, Courgette!