From one country to another, via the LUX Prize

Photos from LUX Coach Tour

The LUX Coach Tour is still on the road. The project run by the LUX Prize of the European Parliament and Spanish coach company ALSA takes the LUX Prize winners across Europe in the form of on-board screenings taking place on a selection of regular coach itineraries, between Spain, France, Belgium, Portugal, Italy and Germany.

The first selected film, Andrea Segre’s LUX Prize 2012 winner, Shun Li and the Poet (Io sono Li), has literally been crossing borders while being screened for passengers since 28 July. “When we travel through Europe, we are strangers and we meet other Europeans. This way, we also experience the topics that the films tackle,” says Alfonso Caci, member of 28 Times Cinema and a traveller on the LUX Coach Tour.

Shun Li and the Poet (Io sono Li) constitutes a very good choice with which to start such an initiative. The film is a touching tale about the status of women, the issue of immigration and the clash between different cultures.

“I never go to the cinema, and this initiative is a good opportunity to discover wonderful films,” says 75-year-old Cándida, a passenger on the Brussels-Oviedo route. Usually, the films presented in a setting like this are American blockbusters that do not have anything in common with the LUX films. “I prefer adventure films and literature, but this film made me want to discover a lot of new movies,” continues Servane, 24.

“This initiative is a good way to spotlight and share our culture. It is quite consistent because we’re travelling and meeting other European people,” thinks Gaëlle, while David claims, “One minute of a film can be as rich in meaning as one hour of explanations – that’s the power of cinema!”

You can still be a passenger on one of the LUX Coach Tour routes (Oviedo-Paris, Oviedo-Brussels, Brussels-Madrid, Paris-Brussels, Madrid-Venice, Madrid-Lisbon) until 7 September and 16 September 2014 (Paris-Madrid, Brussels-Oviedo, Mainz-Malaga). Take the opportunity to share your pictures and opinions of your journey with us by sending an email to, and take part in a prize draw to win a return trip for two people with ALSA coaches on one of the above-mentioned routes.

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