One year after Tabu, Miguel Gomes is back in Venice with Redemption

Brilliant and prolific Portuguese director Miguel Gomes - who took part in the 2012 LUX Prize Competition last year with Tabu -  is at the Venice Film Festival to present his short-film Redemption.
The film, who had its world premiere on August 31st, combines archive footage and uses voice overs, the voice overs of four different people who recall important stages in their lives which had an impact on who they became. These four personalities are amongst the most controversial and powerful politicians of the recent past and present - Pedro Passos Coelho, Silvio Berlusconi, Nicolas Sarkozy and Angela Merkel, writes Matt Miccuci, one of the 28 Times Cinema participants.

Coproduced between Portugal, France, Germany and Italy and composed exclusively of super 8 and archive images, Redemption will also be shown at the Toronto International Film Festival, reports Cineuropa



For more information, read the report of Matt Miccuci, one of the 28 Times Cinema participants and the article on Cineuropa.