A Press conference to defend the exclusion of culture in EU-US trade agreement

European Parliament in Strasbourg

A delegation of creators, artists, performers and directors members of the coalition of the 6200 creators who have submitted a petition to the European Parliament will be present in Strasbourg as well.

To date, the members of the delegation are: Bérénice Bejo (French Actress), Costa Gavras (writer, director and producer Franco-Greek), Lucas Belvaux (Belgian actor and director), Daniele Luchetti (Italian actor and director), Cristian Mungiu (writer, director and producer) and Radu Mihaileanu (Romanian writer and director). All the above mentioned personalities are renowned actors or directors who have been awarded several times internationally.

The press conference they are going to attend aims at defending the massive European Parliament vote in favor of the exclusion of cultural and audiovisual services, including online services, from the EU-USA trade agreement and to update on the state of negotiations on the eve of the Council Foreign Affairs that will take place on 14 June 2013.

On behalf of the 6200 creators petitioners, we invite you to participate to the press conference on next Tuesday 11 June at 17.00. You can still sign the petition on this link.