Screenings on the occasion of Europe Day

Europe Day

Tomorrow, Europe day will be celebrated in many countries of the European Union with big array of public events, including screenings of LUX Prize films

Come and see stories that are close to all, screened in these days in Florence (Teatro Puccini, 7-10 May), Warsaw (Kino Kultura, 10-11 May), Paris (Paris Town Hall, 10 May), Bucharest (Europe house, 9 May), Ferrara (Sala Boldini, 9 May), The Haague (Film House, 8 May), and others. You can enjoy a poetic story of a young woman in Venice in Io Sono Li, winner of the LUX Prize 2012 edition, cruel reality in Csak a szel by Bence Fliegauf or a sensually portrayed love story in Tabu, by Miguel Gomes, finalist films of the LUX Prize 2012 edition. Celebrate with LUX Prize the cultural diversity on the occasion of the Europe day.