The second edition of the ArteKino Festival kicks off – both online and in theatres

Arte Kino Festival

This weekend marks the start of the second ArteKino Festival, which will unspool in 45 European countries until 17 December 2017 and which, according to Olivier Père (the director of the film branch of Arte France and the artistic director of the event), follows a simple philosophy: "Inventing new ways of promoting films to sustain and support the richness and diversity of European arthouse cinema."

This second edition takes an expanded and more hybrid form, as the ten features selected will once again be accessible for free (for a total of 50,000 views across the entire selection) on the festival’s dedicated platform (the site, developed in conjunction with Festival Scope), but also in a number of movie theatres on the Continent (particularly in London, Berlin, Madrid, Bucharest, Sarajevo, in several Parisian cinemas, including those of the Cinémathèque Française, and in eight other cities in France in association with the SCARE – the Union of Arthouse and Repertoire Cinemas). Incidentally, the French case is relatively unique, as it’s only the five movies with no local distributor that will be on offer on the platform, while the other five titles will enjoy theatrical screenings.

The ten selected works, presented at the biggest international festivals (Locarno, Berlin, Cannes and San Sebastián), and representative of the sheer eclecticism and gutsiness of European film production, are helmed by Portugal’s Teresa Villaverde, Bulgaria’s Ralitza Petrova, Greece’s Athina Rachel Tsangari, France’s Clara and Laura Laperrousaz, Poland’s Jan P Matuszyński, Romania’s Radu Jude, Lithuania’s Sharunas Bartas, Sweden’s Johannes Nyholm, Spaniard Jol Sol and Germany’s Thomas Arslan.

We should also highlight another novelty this year, as the booking system has been replaced with direct access to the movies. The selection is once again available in four subtitled versions (French, German, English and Spanish), and an Audience Award, which comes with €30,000 (split among the director, producer and international sales agent), will be handed out to the best-rated film, according to the viewers.

Interestingly, the voters will be in with a chance of winning a weekend at the Berlin Film Festival (trip, accommodation and accreditation included) – plus, in partnership with Cineuropa, a number of ArteKino Festival passes are available to win for all of the films taking part in the event (even if the screenings are already full). You can try your luck by clicking here before 4 December.

Here is the complete ArteKino Festival selection:

Bright Nights - Thomas Arslan (Germany)
Chevalier - Athina Rachel Tsangari (Greece)
Colo - Teresa Villaverde (Portugal/France)
Godless - Ralitza Petrova (Bulgaria/France)
The Giant - Johannes Nyholm (Sweden/Denmark)
The Last Family - Jan P Matuszyński (Poland)
Frost - Sharunas Bartas (Lithuania/France/Ukraine/Poland)
Scarred Hearts - Radu Jude (Romania/Germany)
Soleil battant - Clara and Laura Laperrousaz (France)
Living and Other Fictions - Jo Sol (Spain)