Seminar on gender equality at the European Parliament

Seminar on gender equality

On 5-7 March, at the occasion of the International Women’s Day, the European Parliament will host a press seminar for journalists focused on gender equality in the context of politics. The European Parliament has always been a fervent defender of gender equality, highlighting the importance of women presence in politics, and so the theme of this year, selected by the FEMM (Committee on Women's Rights and Gender Equality), is ‘‘WOMEN’S POWER in Politics’’.

The seminar will consist of three different panels, dealing with crucial topics such as the glass ceiling, gender balance and women empowerment. High-level speakers will include EP Vice-Presidents Mairead MCGUINNESS and Dimitrios PAPADIMOULIS; Joanna MAYCOCK, Secretary General at the European Women’s Lobby; representatives of the EP political groups and external professionals such as Mila TURAJLIC, director of the award-winning documentary The Other Side of Everything (LUX Film Prize finalist in 2018). Turailjc’s film is a fascinating portrait of a political activist in times of great turmoil, which questions the responsibility of each generation to fight for their future. The aim of the seminar is to foster debate on the topic of gender equality and female representation in the face of the upcoming European Elections (23-26 May).