Shun Li and the Poet crosses the Atlantic

Shun Li photo

2012 LUX prize winner Andrea Segre to be screened in Canada and the USA


The 2012 LUX prize winning story of the Chinese single mother, Shun Li, and the Croatian fisherman Bepi has already travelled a lot. In August, it is the Meaford International Film Festival in Canada and The Furman Film Series in North Hempstead, USA that welcome the Italian film.


The Meaford International Film Festival will open on August 29 and run until September 1. Its artistic director, Christopher Thomas, hopes the films he has chosen this year offer some perspective for audiences. "It's a window into parts of the world you don't get to see in an average life," he said. Thomas calls Shun Li and the Poet a quiet film, and says it offers a unique perspective of Venice from outside the main city. The friendship of the Chinese woman and Croatian man is also a challenge to the societal structure around them. Each evening, the festival will also offer a live in-person or Skype interview with a director, cast member or other person affiliated with the film.


As for The Furman Film Series in North Hempstead Town they are presented by the Great Neck Arts Center, New York as part of the Gold Coast International Film Festival, which is held in October. The event consist in a round of screenings followed by discussions with filmmakers. This summer’s series runs from June 20 to August 22 and Shun Li and the Poet will be screened on August 8.