Unveiling of the LUX Prize 2014 Official Selection

Photos from Lux Prize Competing movies

The 10 films of the LUX Prize 2014 Official Selection were unveiled today at the 49th Karlovy Vary International Film Festival. They have been chosen by the LUX Prize Selection Panel as showcasing the richness, diversity and excellence of European cinema.


We are proud to present the 10 films (in alphabetical order):

  1. BANDE DE FILLES (GIRLHOOD), by Céline Sciamma – France
  2. FEHER ISTEN (WHITE GOD), by Kornél Mundruczó – Hungary, Germany, Sweden
  3. HERMOSA JUVENTUD (BEAUTIFUL YOUTH), by Jaime Rosales – Spain, France
  4. IDA, by Pawel Pawlikowski – Poland, Denmark
  5. KREUZWEG (STATIONS OF THE CROSS), by Dietrich Brüggemann – Germany, France
  6. LE MERAVIGLIE (THE WONDERS), by Alice Rohrwacher – Italy, Switzerland, Germany
  7. MACONDO, by Sudabeh Mortezai – Austria
  8. RAZREDNI SOVRAZNIK (CLASS ENEMY), by Rok Biček – Slovenia
  9. TURIST (FORCE MAJEURE), by Ruben Östlund – Sweden, Denmark, France, Norway
  10. XENIA, by Panos H. Koutras – Greece, France, Belgium

The 10 films show a quality mix of genres, stories, artistic approaches, messages and emotions, and make us travel through multiple countries across Europe. 


Among the 10 you will discover:

Two first features by young and promising directors - Sudabeh Mortezai and Rok Biček, this last one coming from a country – Slovenia- that was never represented in the LUX Prize Official Selection before;

Three female directors: Alice Rohrwacher, Sudabeh Mortezai and Céline Sciamma: if we look at the recent statistics on number of women behind the camera, it confirms the attention the LUX prize pays on talented, young women directors;

Two directors that we already had the chance to promote in previous year’s competitions: Ruben Östlund and Kornél Mundruczó. This shows that, along with promoting new talent, we care about following directors who already play an important role within LUX.

A special focus on values and history is enabled with the directors Dietrich Brüggemann and Pawel Pawlikowski. Never before has the focus on youngsters and the crisis been so prominent, not just with the two remarkable films by Panos Koutras and Jaime Rosales, but also with Bande de filles, Class Enemy and Le Meraviglie.


The Official Selection was revealed by Mrs Doris Pack, coordinator of the LUX Prize, Mrs Olga Sehnalova, member of the European Parliament, and Mr Karel Och, KVIFF Artistic Director and member of the LUX Prize Selection Panel.


The Selection Panel

Every year, a 16 member Selection Panel appointed by the European Parliament’s Committee on Culture and Education decides on the LUX Prize Official Selection and the Competition finalists.

The panel members include Fatima Djoumer, Europa Cinemas; the director of the Sevilla European Film Festival, José Luis Cienfuegos; Greek film critic Michel Demopoulos; Belgian film distributor Stéphan de Potter (Cinéart); director of the European Film Academy, Marion Döring; Polish distributor and co-president of Europa Distribution, Jakub Duszynski (Gutek Films); the head of the education department at the Swedish Film Institute, Per Ericsson; German film critic, Paul Peter Huth; the secretary general of the Director’s Fortnight in Cannes, Christophe Leparc; Italian distributor, Georgette Ranucci (Lucky Red); Hungarian distributor and festival programmer, Peter Bognar; Croatian cinema and audio-visual expert, Ivana Ivisic; film programmer advisor and author, Jonathan Romney; French film producer, Francesca Feder; Giorgio Gosetti, director of Venice Days and partner in 28 Times Cinema; Sofia International Film Festival programmer, Mira Staleva; and the artistic director of the Karlovy Vary Film Festival, Karel Och.


The LUX Prize Competition and the LUX Film Days

Three films out of the ten of the Official Selection will run for the Official Competition. These are the films that will be screened in all 28 member states of the European Union within the framework of the LUX Film Days after being subtitled into 24 official European languages.

The three films of the Official Competition will be announced at the Venice Days press conference in Rome at the end of July 2014.

The LUX Prize 2014 winner, voted by Members of the European Parliament, will be awarded on December 17th in Strasbourg. The laureate film will also be made available for the visually and hearing impaired and promoted by the European Parliament.


The LUX Prize 2013 Public Mention goes to The Broken Circle Breakdown

For the first time, the 2013 LUX Prize included the Public Audience Mention, which allowed viewers from anywhere in Europe to vote and express their views on their favourite film and theme of the selected films.


The audience has decided to agree with the European Parliament Members: the Public Audience Mention has gone to LUX Prize winner The Broken Circle Breakdown. With more than 1.000 online voters, Felix Van Groeningen's film has managed to stand out, followed closely by the other two finalists, Valeria Golino's Miele and Clio Barnard's The Selfish Giant. Among the voters, Iveta Kollarova from Slovakia was selected at random and invited to the Karlovy Vary Film Festival on 6 and 7 July, to announce the Public Audience Mention.


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