Watch the video of the Avant-Première in Brussels of Die Fremde, 2010 LUX Prize winner

Watch the video of the Avant-Première in Brussels of Die Fremde, 2010 LUX Prize winner

Watch the video of the debate on "Violence against Women"  organised by UN Women and the interview with film director Feo Aladag,  on the occasion of the Belgian release of Die Fremde, LUX Prize Winner 2010.


A living debate on "Violence against Women" with more than 400 people has been organised by UN Women, UNRIC, the LUX Prize and several Belgian NGO's with the participation of the European Commission and the European Women Lobby, prior to the release of Die Fremde -When We Leave, LUX prize Winner 2010.

The screening has been a great and impressive success: more than 1000 people has been overwhelmed by emotions and listened to the Q&A session with Feo Aladag.

Read the text of the video- key note screened before the film, by Isabelle Durant Vice-President of the European Parliament in charge of the LUX Prize:

Good evening,
I’m sorry that I am unable to join you this evening.
My parliamentary duties force me to remain in Strasbourg.
I am nevertheless delighted that tonight’s event is taking place under the auspices of International Women’s Day.
I would particularly like to thank BOZAR and CINEMATEK, UN WOMEN and the GOETHE INSTITUTE.
The evocative power of film is once again demonstrated through the vision of Feo Aladag and the story of his main character, Umaï.
I had the chance to tell Feo how moved I had been by this, her first feature-length, film:
•    as a woman: “honour killings” are a denial of female identity; taking us back to concepts of the individual and social structures that are unworthy of human rights and fundamental freedom.
•    and as a mother: Umaï’s journey is inseparable from her son’s; I was struck by this link.
There is a moment in the film, where, from memory, Umaï says to her son, “When you move on, it is important always to leave a trace of yourself behind.”
There is no doubt that Die Fremde is an invaluable point of reference that we will remember in our fight against violence towards women and all other forms of discrimination.
That is why the European Parliament is proud to support Die Fremde.
It is also why the LUX Prize will continue to support films that make us think and openly debate individual rights and freedoms in Europe and beyond.
With this in mind, I salute UN WOMEN and its campaign to stop violence towards women.
I would like to add my support to Michelle Bachelet, who will speak after me, and for whom I have great admiration.
In conclusion, I hope you enjoy the evening and that the emotion that you will experience on seeing the film will lead us all, individually and collectively, to reflect on the ties that bind us together and the poison that still erodes them.
Thank you.
Isabelle DURANT

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