European Art Cinema Day banner

European Art Cinema Day, the first common international initiative undertaken by exhibitors to promote European films and the local cinema experience, will take place around the world this Sunday 14 October. Launched in 2016 by the CICAE (...


The LUX Prize continues expanding to new territories, sailing the Atlantic Ocean both northbound and southbound in search of new lands. The European Parliament’s prize is visiting two festivals at the northern and southern extremes of the ocean:...

Photo from Woman at War movie

Iceland has confirmed Benedikt Erlingsson's Woman at War as its Oscars bid. One of the three finalist films for the 2018 LUX Prize, the Icelandic-Ukrainian-French co-production premiered in the Critics' Week at Cannes in May, followed by...

Photo from The Other Side of Everything

by Sofie Maas

At the beginning of the documentary The Other Side of Everything (one of the three finalists of this year...

Photo from Styx movie

by Ben de Samet

Styx is the second feature by the Austrian director Wolfgang Fischer (and one of the three finalists of this year’s ...